Mark (mkvl3) wrote in overheardonli,

This dude made my night

Dude: Hey man, how's your vibe tonight?
Cashier: Hey
Dude: Hey man, I said how's your vibe, man? You're in New York, man!
Cashier: Not too bad, how about yourself?
Dude: I'm living the American dream, man. This is my first week in New York, man. I gots the chills down my spine, you dig?
Dude: Haha, yeah. Where are you originally form?
Dude: California. Been there all my life, I just aint feelin' it anymore you hear me babe?
Cashier: Sure. Take care of yourself
Dude: Aw man, that's great. You New Yorkers, man, great vibe, great vibe. I LOVE THIS PLACE, BABY! Peace!
Cashier: Later

King Kullen, Bellmore
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